New Album Update! 

Hi Folks,

Since my last post here, I've been working on the 6th song, “Did We Tie,” for the new album, and at this point in time I'm happy to be able to say that this song is also already nearly finished, and it's been so much fun creating it! First, I used a nylon-string, “classical” guitar for the main guitar track, then I added the main vocal track. Next, I recorded a second vocal track – sung an octave higher than the first – and then followed that with an acoustic piano track. It's been a long while since I've performed a piano part on any of my recordings. We'd have to go all the way back to my debut album for the time before this one. I've been very fortunate to have some very talented artists play piano on my subsequent albums, but it has been a long time for me and I really do enjoy composing on the piano, so I wanted to do it on my own for this song. The piano is an instrument that evokes a very different mindset for me, than playing a guitar does. Everything is laid out right in front of you, very orderly, with all the notes right there in a repeating pattern to just push at. The ideas just seem to flow very quickly and smoothly for me, from that setup and I'm really happy with how the piano track came out on this song. 

All of that was most of what I had intended to record in my studio here, for this song, before getting set to start the next. But then I decided to also add some Latin percussion (a Claves track), which I had originally planned to have someone else do but wound up giving it a go myself. I had a lot of fun figuring out the best technique for getting the sound I was looking for from this instrument – which appears to be a very simple percussion instrument, and in some respects is, but in others, is less so than you might first imagine. Now that it's finished, I love how the song sounds with this newly added part! It feels so good when a song's vision starts taking shape, and the more parts that I can record to get me closer to completing that vision in a recording, the better I feel about the progress I'm making in getting that much closer to being able to release this new album for you all to hear! After the Claves part, I wasn't planning on added any other instruments on my own, but when I listened back to the recording, I was inspired to also add a Tenor guitar part. This is something I hadn't originally envisioned for this song at all, but I started composing and recording it today (Tuesday, 8/29), and am really happy that I did! Once I finish the Tenor guitar track, it will be time to start recording the seventh song for this album. That will put me at just about the half-way mark for the number of songs that I'm hoping to include on this record, and that is such a great feeling!  

I look forward to sharing more of the progress of the recording of this album with you in the days and weeks to come. I greatly appreciate your interest and support! Check back here soon for more news and updates! With so much love and gratitude…

All the best!
Bill S.


July 27, 2023 update on the recording of the new album! 

Hi Folks!

So, I've finished the banjo track for “So Much to Say on Rainy Days” (the fifth song that I've started recording for my fifth album) and I'm really excited about how it's turned out so far! With a well-worn, 1940's Gibson Acoustic for the guitar track, strummed behind the vocal, and this lonesome banjo part taking a featured role, this song is already exceeding what my expectations were for it. You never know which ones are going to soar when you first start putting them together in the studio, until they do. This one found an updraft early on, and it just keeps climbing. 

When I finished the banjo track today, I started thinking about which other instrument(s) I might want to add to it next. After trying out a few, I found the sound that I was looking for in an old wooden dobro that was hanging on a side wall, behind some drum and percussion instruments. It's the perfect complement to what's already in the mix, but, I'm going to wait and ask an old friend to play this part for me, because, well, he plays dobro better than anyone I've ever heard. Some of you know who I'm talking about and if you don't, it wouldn't be too hard to figure out before the part gets done. Either way, I'll bring you up to date on all of that once we get to it (which, sigh, will be a good while from now). 

Until then, I'm gearing up to begin recording the next song, “Did We Tie?” I'll be starting off with a nylon-string, classical guitar for this one. All of the parts are already worked out in my mind so, I can already tell you that it will also have acoustic piano and a string section when it's done. Sometimes you just know. Now I just need to get all of those parts recorded.

I usually, but don't always, start with a fresh set of strings when recording guitars. The strings on the classical guitar I'll be using for this song were literally decades old and very clearly showing it. So, there was no question that I'd have to restring it to get it to record well. It had a “normal tension” set (La Bella, I think) on it, but I wanted a different feel for the part that I'm going to play, and a thicker/less-bright, softer sound for this recording, so I swapped them out for a “hard tension” set. When restringing “steel” string guitars (almost always phosphor bronze for my acoustics, and nickel for my electrics) it's easy to stretch the strings, so that they'll stay in tune. But for nylon strings, especially the “hard” and “extra hard” tension sets, it can take weeks for the strings to stabilize. Planning ahead, I changed out the old normal tension La Bellas with a new D'Addaio Pro.Arte, hard tension set (nylon core / silver plated wound) a few weeks ago, so that they'd be good to go by the time I was ready to start recording this next song. Now that that time has come, I'm happy to say that I really like the way these strings feel and sound! Which is a good thing because, if I didn't, changing them again would have meant having to wait a few more weeks for a new set to stabilize. I haven't tried any “extra hard” tension sets yet but am curious about how they sound and feel--which is something I can look forward to experimenting with in the future. As the story goes, these hard tension strings seem to be “just right.” 

Tomorrow I'll start recording the guitar and vocal parts, and then move forward with tracking the acoustic piano part before gathering up some friends for the string section, and for the bass and percussion tracks. It feels so good to be starting this next song, which – being the sixth one so far – means that I'm nearly half-way through the songs that I have in mind for this album, and that much closer to being able to share them all with you. 

I am so grateful for your support. 

Check back here again soon and hear what's happening next! 

With so much love and gratitude,
Bill S.


July 10, 2023 update on the making of my 5th album. 


We’ll, I’ve finished the acoustic guitar and vocal parts for song five, for the new album, and it’s most definitely calling for some banjo now. I wound up with this one after I bought a Fender resonator a while back, from Pro Music in Fairbanks, Alaska. It sounded great at first, but after a while the neck started to separate from the body — which is pretty much always a bad thing. When I contacted Fender about it, they told me they had discontinued that model resonator and they very graciously offered to replace it with any other Fender acoustic instrument of my choosing. I needed a banjo at the time, so I asked if it could be this one for the trade. I shipped the resonator to them (they said they were going to shred it), and they sent me this sweet banjo. I’ve had it for a number of years now and it’s a really great instrument. I’m getting set up to use it to track some banjo for song five today, and still feeling the Fender love.


June 29, 2023: ALBUM 5 UPDATE! 

Hi Folks!

It's been a while since I've checked in with you all here, and since I've finally found a moment for slowing down to take a short break, I wanted to catch you up and talk a little about the new album I've been working on--which is mostly the reason for the delay until now, in posting here again. 

I started recording the first song (“Endgame”), for the new album, around August of last year. Typically, I'll start a recording with an acoustic guitar and vocal part for the “basic tracks,” and then start building onto the song from there. After finishing those tracks for this song, I began to search for a special electric-guitar sound to add to the arrangement. I had something very specific in mind mood-wise and texturally, and I had a general idea of what equipment I might need to use to achieve it, but all of that was just the very beginning of the process of actually creating/producing the sound and then testing it out to hear if it was going to work the way that I had envisioned and hoped it would, with what I had already recorded. I spent several days just experimenting with different guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals and then, after narrowing down the choices, I spent several more days adjusting knobs and parameters to zero-in on the sound that I was trying to create. I eventually wound up using a Gibson 335 electric guitar, with a stereo signal from the effects board feeding a Fender Princeton and a Paul Reed Smith Archon amplifier, both set for very clean, non-distorted sounds. I went with using the stereo signal into those two separate amps, to enhance the gently swelling, spacious and ethereal sounds being generated from the Leslie-simulator effects pedal (the one I landed on after trying out several for this part) and which happily had a stereo output. I attached an expression pedal to the Leslie simulator--to be able to vary the speed and intensity of the effect while playing and recording the new part--and added a volume pedal and treble booster into the signal path for some more subtle tweaking of the sound options. I gave the set up a few test-runs and adjusted the parameters some more, until I felt like the combination of equipment and their settings provided me with the right palate of sounds to work with, and for me to be able to make something musically moving happen. Since specific sounds can create specific feelings, it was really important to me to reproduce and create that sound I wanted for this song, as closely as possible to how I was hearing it in my head, so that everyone listening could also hear it as I was imagining it to be and could feel what I was feeling and how I wanted the song to feel. That connection--the making and sharing of it--that's what music is all about for me. It's what I hope for and strive for, and it was probably more than a week, and maybe two, before I finally felt that I had achieved the sound that I was hoping to add to this song. In the end, it was well worth the time and effort. After creating the sound that I wanted, with the equipment on hand, I got to work (read: great fun!) composing the electric guitar part that I wanted to add to the vocal and acoustic guitar tracks. I spent nearly another two weeks coming up with different ideas and selecting the ones that I liked the most to complete this part of the song, which, aside from the vocal part, is a central point of focus in the recording. The challenge was to have two equal focal points (vocal and electric guitar) that added something musically interesting to each other, without one distracting from the other. Finding the right balance was the key to unlocking the magic, and I worked on this song from early August of 2022 well into September of 2022 turning that key. After completing the electric guitar part in September, my attention got diverted to other callings, including a road trip to Nashville for AmericanaFest 2022, which then detoured me to Colorado for some mountain time and then took me back home, where I decided to plant some trees--about 20 of them. It was something that's been on my “too-due” list for a long while, and with the weather being so mild so late in the year (2022), I saw it as the perfect time to get to it and to get it done. So that's what I did, and it feels good to be able to watch them growing! When I got back to recording again in January of this year, I found that, working through the process of patient preparation and experimentation for the first song for this record, had somehow carried over and set the pace for the recording of the songs that followed--three others so far, each of which I've easily spent just as much, if not even more time and effort on already.

The second song, “Time Is a River Now,” also has electric guitar accompanying the acoustic guitar and vocal tracks, but it's definitively a straight-up rock-guitar sound. I used an Ernie Ball/MusicMan EVH Signature guitar, with a treble booster, a volume pedal and a Sabadius “FunkyVibe” (Filmore Model) Univibe Clone, with an expression pedal attached (to vary the speed of the Univibe effect while playing and recording), running through a vintage Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp and a vintage Mesa Boogie 2-Ninety stereo power amp, powering a full Marshall stack! This set up makes such an incredibly expressive and satisfying sound to play with, and I had an absolute blast recording this part! It's funny, because it all started out as a folk song, and then, well, something turned a corner in the making and suddenly the song “went electric,” with eight, 12" Celestian Greenbacks weaving electric guitar riffs into and around the Folk acoustic guitar and vocal tracks. It will be a bit of time yet, before this album can be released, so, while I am sad to have to wait to share it with you, I can mention now that, if you enjoy hearing the interplay of the acoustic and electric guitars when the song is released, even one quarter as much as I enjoyed playing and recording them, then you're gonna really love this song! Many of the earlier years of my musical path were devoted to the electric guitar, and it's so much fun to be able to draw buckets of water from that well, to complete the songs that I'm writing now. This one was really fun!

For the third song, “It Keeps Me On The Run,” I leaned more on Folk and Roots fundamentals, adding some understated mandolin to the acoustic guitar and vocal tracks. I had experimented with adding another guitar part on top of that, but later decided that the song didn't need any more guitar parts, and sounded better with a simpler, more stripped-down arrangement, and so I left it as it was/is. My plan is to have other artist friends add bass, drums and other instruments (such as piano, organ, pedal steel guitar, dobro, banjo, fiddle/strings, and/or whatever else might come to be) to some of the 12 or so songs that I have in mind for this album, after I've finished recording all of my parts for all of them. That's a process that's worked well for me in the past and that I hope to begin sometime toward the end of this year or in early 2024.

The fourth song that I've recorded so far, is titled, “And, So (Deep Into the Dark)." It's a song I wrote some years ago and it leans to the Americana side of things. Presently, it has just an acoustic guitar and vocal track--which I finished just last week. I'm thinking acoustic piano and a string section, along with bass and drums, will be great additions to this one, and I'm looking forward to getting those parts worked out and recorded later down the line as well.

I love how these first four songs have already turned out and I can't wait to get started on the rest! I can already tell that this album is going to be something really special. Overall, it will likely have just two, or maybe three songs that feature electric instruments, with the others being more in line with the style of my previous records, while still offering something new and unexpectedly different from what you've heard from me in the past. I've got at least eight more songs written and ready to start recording for it, and since part of the fun of recording is in the doing and another part is in the seeing and hearing where you wind up when it's all said and done, I'm excited to get back to it. Wherever it ultimately takes me to, the process feels so good already. I'm also excited about the songs themselves and the fact that with no looming time pressure or planned imminent deadlines ahead, there's lots of space for fun and thoughtful, creative composition to enjoy and make them shine. 

For now--for the rest of this week--I'll be taking a little R & R on this North Carolina beach. Since my attention is going to be focused on getting this record recorded when I get back home to New York, my live shows will be few and far between for a short while. I've got a house concert in KY coming up in September, 2023 though, just before AmericanaFest, and I have visions of a full-on tour to see through for 2024, after that. Check back here from time to time, and I will keep you posted as things keep moving forward on this new record. As always, I so appreciate your love and support, and am looking forward to seeing you out on the road again soon!

With much love,
Bill S.


Hey Folks!

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Artie Martello, via Zoom, about my fourth album, The Crosswinds of Kansas, the law, and some other things as well, including the new album that I'm currently working on. I even got to play a couple of songs live for the interview! 

You may know Artie from “The Catskills Cafe” radio show which airs every Sunday from 2- 4pm on WIOX FM 91.3 (streaming at ) , "Mostly Folk" radio, now broadcast weekly on Saturday: , Catskills Air (a local tv station on Margaretville TV cable channel 1 ) or some other things that he also does. I first met Artie at the WIOX radio station in Roxbury, NY, back in 2019 while I was on the road for my “Now I'm Free” tour. It was great meeting and talking with him live on the air then, and as usual, it was great speaking with him again this past March 9th, 2023 for this recorded TV interview. 

This interview aired for the first time on “Catskills Air” on March 11th, and is still in rotation there. You can also watch it at this link: I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by! And, remember to check back here again from time to time for the latest news, including updates about the recording of my new (presently un-named) album!

All the best,

Bill S.

UPDATE: New Sessions at First Thunder Recording for Album 5! 

Hi Folks!

As you know, I've recently been devoting all of my time to releasing my 4th album, The Crosswinds of Kansas, and the three “Acoustic” singles that followed, and as much as I'd love to be back out on the road performing live shows, if I was doing that now, I wouldn't be able to be in the studio creating my new record (#5) which is now solidly in the works! I started working on it briefly back in July and August of 2022 and came back to it more again, starting in February, 2023. Well, I'm happy to say that while I'm hoping to get back to live shows soon, maybe even this fall, I am 100% immersed in recording the new album and it feels amazing to be doing this! I've got the vocal, acoustic guitar and electric guitar parts done for the first song and I'm so happy with how it sounds that it's really hard to wait to share it with you until the rest of the songs for the album are finished! But, I am moving forward and with some recent upgrades to my First Thunder Recording studio, it's pure joy to be able to wake up every morning and continue creating these new sounds to share with you. After also finishing the vocals and acoustic guitar for the second song for the new album, I just finished (yesterday) setting up to record the Electric Guitar part for it and will be back in the studio later today to see where it takes me! This new electric guitar part probably has the most elaborate set up/signal path that I’ve worked with to date. First, I’m using a vintage (1980's) Ernie ball / Music Man, EVH Signature Guitar, plugged into a Lehle P-Split, then a Harpoon Sea Foam, then a Cry Baby Wah Wah then a Boss volume pedal and then a Sabbadius Funky Vibe (the Fillmore version, with a foot pedal controller to manually vary the pulse speed). That’s all plugged into a vintage Marshall JMP-1 preamp with a vintage Intellifex effects unit in the effects loop for some delay and reverb. The pre-amp and effects then go to a vintage Mesa Boogie 2-Ninety power amp (set at half power). The 2-Ninety is a stereo amp and feeds two Marshall 4x12 slant cabinets with Celestion greenbacks (one cab is vintage 1970’s, the other is vintage 1980’s). I like the sound of the slant Cabinets better than the square ones that go on top of the slants for a full stack--so these are both slants. Each of the cabinets has a Sennheiser 421 and a Royer 121 mic positioned about 2 1/2 inches off the speaker cloth at a bottom speaker, and then there’s a Neumann TLM 67 set up as a room mic. Each of the Royers are going through a channel of the Neve 1073 DPX that I just added to the rack, and then into an Audioscape 76A before inserting into a channel of the Trident T-88 console. The Sennheisers are going directly into the Trident. The TLM 67 is going into an AEA RPQ2 preamp and then into a (pretty much nailed) Black Lion Bluey before inserting into a channel of the T-88. I’ve got the Sennheisers near the left edge of the speaker cones, and the Royers more towards the center. The amp is up at a pretty good volume so the noise floor is pretty low on the outboard gear and the console. It seems like a lot of work when you’re setting it all up, but then when it’s all finally dialed in and you start to play and hear how good it sounds, the inspiration just flows and it’s totally worth the effort. I haven’t played the EVH in a while, so the last thing I needed to do before starting to track, was to change the strings. I'm using DR Pure Blues. Nickel. 10 - 46. This combination of strings, EVH guitar, Marshall/Boogie amp, midi controlled Intellifex unit and Marshall cabinets is something I've used for many years and it's always delivered for me. The Seafoam and Funky Vibe added the finishing touches that this new song is drawing me to and I can't wait to start tracking! So, that's it for now! Back to the studio!

Ready to go!!!…



Hi Folks!

Today, we released “Multnomah Falls (Acoustic)!” It's the last of the three “Acoustic” singles that I was asked to record for radio in a singer-songwriter format, after the release of my The Crosswinds of Kansas album.

Americana Highways Premiered the song on March 6th and said:

"Americana Highways presents this premiere of Bill Scorzari’s song ‘Multnomah Falls (Acoustic).’  The song first appeared on his recent release The Crosswinds of Kansas, but not in this acoustic form. Bill is going to release three songs… in their acoustic formats.  This one will be available on March 10. …

The song was recorded at Bill Scorzari’s First Thunder Recording Studio in Huntington, NY and the abridged songs were mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master Studio in Nashville in 2022.

“Multnomah Falls (Acoustic)” was written, produced, and performed by Bill Scorzari. Gentle acoustic melodies, and then Bill’s raw whispery-gritty vocals ease in thoughtfully over the top.  …

'There are so many directions from which to approach the presentation of a song idea. The version of “Multnomah Falls” on The Crosswinds of Kansas album was to a great extent driven by my intention, from the moment that I began writing it, to include it on a studio album of songs performed by a full band. It’s a really great feeling when you finally make your way to the end of that creative road and can sit back and listen to how it all plays back to you.

I love how the ideas that I had imagined for the album came to life, and when I was asked to re-interpret some of the songs as an alternate, ‘solo-acoustic’ performance for radio, I wanted to show as much contrast as possible to the album versions. Changing the tempo and mood on ‘Multnomah Falls,’ and shifting the focus to just a single instrument, makes the lyrics more central to the delivery of the song and brings what I feel is a very different listening experience between the more intimate acoustic version and the fully arranged album version.

I hope you enjoy listening to the ‘Acoustic’ singles of ‘Multnomah Falls,’ ‘The Broken Heart Side of the Road,’ and “I-70 East as much as I enjoyed reimagining and recording them. — Bill Scorzari' 

Here's a link to the full Premiere: AMERICANA HIGHWAYS PREMIERE

You can listen to “Multnomah Falls (Acoustic)” today! 
… at this link:

You can also read Americana Highways' previous coverage of the full album The Crosswinds of Kansas, here: REVIEW: Bill Scorzari “The Crosswinds of Kansas”

Thanks for listening!

With much love and gratitude,
Bill S.

P.S. Check back here from time to time for more info and for the latest news about my next album which I just recently began recording and which I hope to have ready to share with you in the most expeditious days to come! 



Hi All!

I-70 East (Acoustic),” the re-recorded solo-acoustic version of “I-70 East” from The Crosswinds of Kansas album, will be released tomorrow, Friday, February 17th, on all platforms! 

Here’s the link where you’ll be able to find where to listen in tomorrow: 

For now, here’s a link where you can find the full-band Single of “I-70 East” from The Crosswinds of Kansas album: and a link to the official video:

Keep an ear out for “Multnomah Falls (Acoustic)”, the last of the three new Singles, coming soon on Friday, March 10th!

#thecrosswindsofkansas #billscorzari #firstthunderrecording 

Thanks for listening!

For more info, please visit

All the best,

Bill S.




Hi Folks!

I'm excited to be able to share AMERICANA UK's Premiere of the new Single, “I-70 East (Acoustic),” with you today

Thank you AMERICANA UK!!

The Single, “I-70 East (Acoustic),” will be released this Friday, February, 17th on all platforms. Here's a link that will take you to where you'll be able to hear it on 2/17:


"… ‘The Crosswinds of Kansas‘ is an album that has attracted much attention, and perhaps most notable of a mention is that it was listed in the Top Albums of 2022 by a certain Mark Whitfield (AMAUK Grassroots Award Winner) who wrote ‘The simple use of imagery and clever phraseology make it a very poignant record at times… The pain on some tracks is visceral in its honesty—and Scorzari’s voice is the perfect match for these substantial songs.’ 

And he’s right. It’s all that.

Bill Scorzari has decided to release three acoustic versions of songs from ‘The Crosswinds of Kansas‘ …

This is the second of the singles – “The Broken Heart Side of the Road (Acoustic)” was released in January and “Multnomah Falls (Acoustic)” is out on March 10th.  Americana UK is beyond proud to premiere ‘I-70 East (Acoustic)‘ which will be released on February 17th. Bill Scorzari told us a little something about this recording, saying: “From the moment the makings of ‘I-70 East’ first came to my mind, they came with an electric-guitar-driven energy that I was really glad to be able to capture when we recorded it for The Crosswinds of Kansas. In late 2022, when I was asked to re-interpret some of the songs from the album, as alternate performances for radio, I wanted to create a listening experience that was very different from the fully arranged album versions. …For the acoustic re-make of ‘I-70 East,’ the challenge was to combine the strummed acoustic and soloing electric guitar elements from the album version, into a new part played only on acoustic guitar. I hope you enjoy the contrast and perspective that these new recordings bring to these songs.

Check out the full AMERICANA UK Premiere here:

Check back here again for more exciting news coming soon!

With much love and gratitude,
Bill S.


Hi Folks!

As we're getting ready for the release of the second new Single, “I-70 East (Acoustic)” on Friday 2/17 (a solo-acoustic version of “I-70 East” from the album, The Crosswinds of Kansas), you can check out the first of the three new Singles, “The Broken Heart Side of the Road (Acoustic),” today, on all platforms, via this link:! 

And, here's the link where you'll be able to listen to “I-70 East (Acoustic)” when it's released on 2/17: 

Also, keep an eye out for the Premiere of “I-70 East (Acoustic)” by Americana UK, coming tomorrow, 2/13 and don't forget to check back here again for more exciting news about the new album (no title yet) coming soon!

All the best,
Bill S.